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A Case of Hepatomegaly due to Diabetic Glycogenosis Reversed by Glycemic Control

Park J, Song DH, Park JS, Nam JY, Kim CS, Kim DM, Ahn CW, Cha BS, Lim SK, Kim KR, Lee HC, Kim HR, Park CI

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):223-228.
Diabetes mellitus is well known to be associated with various structural and functional liver abnormalities. If diabetic patients are accompanied by hepatomegaly or abnormal findings from a liver function...
A Case of Acute Adrenal Insufficiency with Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhagic Infarction due to Ebstein-Barr Virus Infection in a Patient with Asymptomatic Chronic Adrenal Insufficiency

Chung SC, Park SH, Lee JY, Lee SW, Jeong GH, Kim SZ, Bae HI, Ryeom HK, Kim JG, Kweon YO, Ha SW, Kim BW

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):217-222.
Acute adrenal insufficiency may result from adrenal crisis, hemorrhagic destruction, or the rapid withdrawal of steroids from patient with chronic steroid medication, congenital adrenal hyperplasia or those on other drugs....
A Case of Thyroid Papillary Cancer Associated with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis

Shin SJ, Lee HJ, Kim SH, Shim WS, Lee S, Kim YM, Rhee Y, Kim TI, Cha BS, Lee HC, Lim SK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):209-216.
Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) is an autosomal dominant syndrome, typically characterized by multiple colorectal adenomas and increased incidence of colorectal carcinomas if left untreated. It is caused by germline mutations...
A Case of Myxedema Coma with Severe Hypoventilation

Shim JY, Lee SW, Lee HW, Choi JH, Song YJ, Lee HS, Chung YS, Lee KW

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):203-208.
A myxedema coma, representing the extreme feature of hypothyroidism is rare. Despite early vigorous treatment, a myxedema coma is associated with a mortality rate as high as 60%. Herein, a...
A Clinical Observation on Twelve Cases of Primary Aldosteronism

Cho SC, Park YS, Park HG, Lee SH, Kim SG, Choi WH, Ahn YH, Jung PJ, Kim TW

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):194-202.
BACKGROUND: Primary aldosteronism describes a group of disorders characterized by long-standing aldosterone excess, with suppressed renin activity, resulting in hypertension and hypokalemia. The protean clinical and biochemical characteristics of this...
The Effects of C161-->T Polymorphisms in Exon 6 of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor- Gene on Bone Mineral Metabolism and Serum Osteoprotegerin Levels in Healthy Korean Middle-aged Men

Rhee EJ, Lee WY, Kim SY, Oh ES, Baek KH, Oh KW, Park KC, Han KO, Yoon HK, Kang MI, Kim SW

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):181-193.
BACKGROUND: The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) is a member of the nuclear receptor family known to be involved in adipocyte differentiation. Recent studies have revealed the inhibitory role of...
Electrocardiographic Changes after Hormone Replacement Treatment in Patients with Sheehan's Syndrome

Kweon KH, Lee CH, Park BH, Cho CG

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):175-180.
BACKGROUND: Electrocardiographic abnormalities were studied to find if they were reversible during adequate hormonal treatment and to investigate regional inhomogenicity of ventricular repolarization in patients with Sheehan's syndrome. METHODS: Eleven women...
Relationship between The Expressions of Sodium/Iodide Symporter and The Findings of Thallium-201 Scan in Thyroid Nodules

An JH, Na MA, Kim SS, Kong ON, Seok JW, Lee CH, Lee CW, Kim IJ, Kim YK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):165-174.
BACKGROUND: The sodium/iodide symporter (NIS) has an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of well differentiated thyroid carcinoma. The relationship between the uptake of thallium- 201 scan (201Tl scan)...
Regulation of Prolactin Gene Expression by Hypothalamic Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide (PACAP) in the Female Rat Pituitary Gland

Kim YI, Ha TY, Kim ES, Nam-Goong , O'Dorisio , Hur MK, Park SK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):152-164.
BACKGROUND: Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) plays the role of a hypophysiotropic factor, which regulates the synthesis and secretion of pituitary hormones through the hypothalamo-hypophysial portal system. No clear evidence...
The Aging-related Change of Responses to TSH in Thyroid Cells

Park YJ, Kim TY, Kim JE, Kim YC, Chung IK, Shin CS, Park DJ, Park KS, Kim SY, Park SC, Lee HK, Cho BY

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):141-151.
BACKGROUND: To understand the mechanism of aging-related changes of the thyroid, the differentiated functions and growth of thyroid cells in response to TSH were investigated using aged or young thyrocytes....
Effects of USF-1, USF-2, PTEN and Thyroid Transcription Factors on the Function and Growth in FRTL-5 Cells

Chung YJ, Kim ES, Min YK, Lee MS, Lee MK, Kim KW, Chung JH

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):127-140.
BACKGROUND: Upstream stimulatory factors (USFs) and PTEN are known to be tumor suppressants. USFs and PAX-8 were reported to be the functional competitors in sodium iodide symporter (NIS) gene expression....
The Measurement of Serum Thyroglobulin Levels

Park YJ

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):120-126.
No abstract available.
RNAi: A Powerful Reverse Genetic Tool

Kim YS

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):109-119.
No abstract available.
Inflammation and Obesity

Park CY, Yoo HJ

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2004 Apr;19(2):97-108.
No abstract available.

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