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Development of Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism during the Treatment of Hypophosphatemic Osteomalacia

Shinn WS, Lim S, Cho YM, Kim TY, Moon MK, Park DJ, Park KS, Kim SY, Cho BY, Lee HK, Youn YK, Oh SK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):520-527.
Osteomalacia is characterized by the accumulation of an increased amount of unmineralized bone matrix. Of the several possible causes, hypophosphatemia is one of the major and mainly results from intestinal...
A Case of Islets Cell Hyperplasia Diagnosed by Selective Arterial Calcium Stimulation Test

Youn JH, Ahn KJ, Joo YS, Kim BJ, Kim SH, Kwon KH, Jung MA, Yang JS, Jung IS, Kim CH, Cho SB, Lee TS, Kim EK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):514-519.
We report a 40-year-old female patient with clinical findings suggestive of insulinoma. Although imaging studies did not reveal any tumors in the pancreas, a selective arterial calcium stimulation test(SACI), procedurally...
Two Cases of Autoimmune Insulin Syndrome with Hypoglycemia

Park SH, Lee SW, Jeong GH, Choi CH, Lee SH, Han JH, Kim JG, Ha SW, Kim BW

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):508-513.
Autoimmune insulin syndrome is characterized by insulin autoantibody, hyperinsulinemia, and fasting hypoglycemia without previous insulin immunization. This syndrome shows discordant levels between immunoreactive insulin and C-peptide. Negative results of an...
A Case of Cured Diabetes Mellitus after Pheochromocytoma Removal

Hong CK, Ahn YB, Kim SH, Woo YS, Lee SG, Ko SH, Song HK, Yoon KH, Kang MI, Cha BY, Lee KW, Son HY, Kang SK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):502-507.
Pheochromocytoma is usually associated with a combination of various clinical manifestations caused by the overproduction of catecholamines. It is frequently accompanied by impaired glucose tolerance operating through 2-and-adrenergic mechanisms. A...
Papillary Thyroid Cancer Arising in Lateral Aberrant Thyroid Presenting with Multiple Metastases

Cheon NI, Lee CH, Hong SI, Chung JO, Yoon IS, Cho DH, Kang HC, Chung DJ, Chung MY

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):494-501.
Carcinoma of the thyroid usually presents as a palpable thyroid mass. However, in rare cases patients with thyroid cancer present with metastases of the cervical lymph node as the initial...
Clinical Applications of 18-FDG PET in Recurred Differentiated Thyroid Cancer with Negative 131I Whole Body Scintigraphy: A Comparative Analysis with 99mTc-MIBI Scintigraphy

Won JC, Lee SJ, Lee TY, Nam-Goong , Lee SY, Kim HY, Han JH, Ryu JS, Moon DH, Ahn IM

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):481-493.
BACKGROUND: In patients with differentiated thyroid cancer treated by surgery and radioactive iodine ablation, serum thyroglobulin(Tg) and 131I whole body scan(WBS) are recognized as being the best cooperative indicators for...
Expression of the MAGE-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and -10 Genes in Thyroid Cancers

Choi YS, Rim H, Park YH, Lee KD, Lee JH, Chang HK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):467-480.
BACKGROUND: MAGE(melanoma antigen gene) has been named as cancer/testis specific antigens since its expression is only detected in the testis or cancer cells. Because of its relatively specific expression in...
The Changes of Expression of Thyroid Specific Antigens in Aging

Park YJ, Park ES, Kim TY, Kim SW, Park HK, Park DJ, Kim WB, Shin CS, Park KS, Kim SY, Park SC, Lee HK, Cho BY

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):457-466.
BACKGROUND: With the prevalence of serum antithyroglobulin(anti-TG) and antithyroperoxidase(anti-TPO) autoantibodies increasing with age, it has been suggested that changes of thyroid autoimmunity with aging are associated with endemic iodine intake....
Usefulness of Thallium-201 Scintigraphy for Differentiating Benign and Malignant Thyroid Nodules in Inconclusive Cases with Fine Needle Aspiration

Lee YS, Lee CW, Jang MH, Seok JW, Son SM, Yoo SD, Kim IJ, Kim YK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):447-456.
BACKGROUND: Although fine needle aspiration(FNA) is recognized as the most accurate procedure in the differential diagnosis of thyroid nodules, about 20~30% of nodules remain inconclusive in FNA. Therefore, we assessed...
The Significance of Plasma ADH in Differential Diagnosis of Central Diabetes Insipidus

Lee HJ, Yang IM, Min SK, Noh JH, Park CY, Oh SJ, Kim DY, Woo JT, Kim SW, Kim JW, Kim YS, Choi YK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):438-446.
BACKGROUND: Although the water restriction test(WRT) has been used as a standard test for the differential diagnosis of diabetes insipidus(DI), the measurement of plasma ADH concentration is also known to...
Effect of Intermittent Etidronate Therapy on the Prevention of Bone Loss after Kidney Transplantation

Kim HS, Lee JM, Kim SK, Park CW, Yang CW, Kang MI, Kim SY, Kang SK, Bang BK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):426-437.
BACKGROUND: Osteopenia or osteoporosis is one of the most frequently encountered complications in patients receiving various immunosuppressants after kidney transplantation. The few available preventive strategies for these complications tend to...
The Effects of Etidronate on Bone Loss after Renal Transplantation

Lim SK

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):422-425.
No abstract available.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Women Health

Kim IJ

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):413-421.
No abstract available.
Monitoring Therapy for Osteoporosis with Bone Densitometry

Yang SO, Ham SY

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):401-412.
No abstract available.
Role of BMP-2 in Osteoblast Differentiation

Ryoo HM

  • J Korean Soc Endocrinol.
  • 2001 Oct;16(4-5):393-400.
No abstract available.

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