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Effects of Stretching and Aerobic Exercise on Body Composition in Middle-aged Women

Kim HI, Kim SH

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Sep;13(3):211-219.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of stretching and aerobic exercise on body composition in middle-aged women after 12-week exercise training program. Thirty-six middle-aged women(55.3+/-3.2years) with...
Exercise Therapy for Obese Korean With Type 2 Diabetes

Ahn KH, Yim MJ, Lee HJ, Kim KB, Han KA, Min KW

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Sep;13(3):204-210.
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to provide the basal data that can be referred at the time of an exercise prescription for the patients, by comparing the difference...
The Study of Daily Physical Activity in Old Women using Pedometer with Accelerometer

Yim MJ

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Sep;13(3):195-203.
BACKGROUND: The purpose of this investigation is the examination of physical activity pattern of the total energy expenditure. Energy expenditure is measured the physical activity of daily step counting in...
Relations Between IGFBP-3 Promoter Polymorphism and Body Composition Parameters and Obesity

Park JS, Chang YS, Yoo KN, Nam JY, Kim CS, Kim DM, Cho MH, Park J, Ahn CW, Cha BS, Lim SK, Kim KR, Lee HC

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Sep;13(3):187-194.
BACKGROUND: Insulin-like growth factor(IGF) binding protein-3(IGFBP-3), which binds to the IGFs in the circulation and acts as a main reservoir of them, regulates their biologic activities either in a IGF...
Relationship Between White Blood Cell Counts and the Metabolic Syndrome

Lee GE, Park HS

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Sep;13(3):179-186.
BACKGROUND: Increased WBC counts have been associated with inflammatory condition. Recently, many studies have shown that obesity and the metabolic syndrome is associated with low-grade systemic inflammation. This study was...
The Role of Physical Activity in Overweight and Obesity in Japanese

Tanaka H, Yoshioka M, Ayabe M, Yahiro T, Higuchi H, Higaki Y, Amand JS, Miyazaki H, Yoshitake , Shindo M

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Sep;13(3):175-178.
To investigate the association of physical activity(PA) with overweight and obesity in Japanese men and women, a large cross-sectional study was performed using a new single-axis accelerometer which can assess...
Obesity and Weight Control

Kitagawa K

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Sep;13(3):171-174.
No abstract available.

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