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Correlation of Serum Total Testosterone with Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Women

Hong SM, Choi WH, Kim JM, Yong MJ, Lee CB, Park YS, Kim DS, Ahn YH, Kim TH

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):300-307.
BACKGROUND: Metabolic syndrome is increased in the transition to menopause. And relative androgenicitis are respected as a cause of the metabolic syndrome after menopause. But there is little knowledge of...
Effect of Weigh Reduction on the Quality of Life of Patients with Osteoarthritis and Obesity

Lee CB, Lee HS, Bae SC, Choi WH

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):293-299.
BACKGROUND: This study was to exam the effect of weigh reduction on the quality of life of patients with osteoarthritis and obesity. METHODS: The participants of this study were 15...
The Effect of Orlistat in Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Benefit on Abdominal Obesity and Glycemic Control

Chon S, Park C, Koh G, Oh S, Woo JT, Kim SW, Kim JW, Kim YS, Son HY, Cha BY, Yoon KH, Kwon HS, Cha BS, Lee HC

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):281-292.
BACKGROUND: Most obese patients with type 2 diabetes have several components of metabolic syndrome that is associated with a marked increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease. Even modest weight...
Laparoscopic Isolated Sleeve Gastrectomy in Morbid Obesity

Han SM, Kim WW

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):270-280.
BACKGROUND: In Asia due to cultural background (food, life style) and environmental factors, type of obesity and previously defined operative indication is different from western country. Therefore, surgical procedure also...
The Changes in Cardiovascular Risk Factors Followed by Sleeve Gastrectomy in Morbid Obesity?

Han SM, Kim WW

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):261-269.
BACKGROUND: Generally, morbid obesity has so many co-morbidities including dyslipidemia. Bariatric operation has varying degree of effectiveness and different mechanism. The effectiveness of sleeve gastrectomy in lipid profile was not...
Analysis of Dietary Habit, Eating Disorder and Needs for Nutrition Education Programs by Weight Control Attempts Among Female College Students

Kim KA, Ahn GJ, Kim KW

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):248-260.
Recent studies of young adult women in Korea showed that their eating behaviors have been judged to be less than desirable, and there have been a few nutrition education programs...
Effect of Large-Volume Liposuction on Serum Lipids

Hong YG, Kim HT

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):239-247.
BACKGROUND: Recent advances in liposuction techniques now make it possible to remove considerable amounts of subcutaneous adipose tissue. However, the metabolic consequences of this procedure are not well documented. The...
Clinical Trial to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Fring Tablet in the Treatment of Obese Patients

Suh HS, Choi JY, Lee SN, Kim SM, Lee K

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):230-238.
BACKGROUND: This clinical study is to prescribe 35mg Furing tablet(1 tablet) to obese people three times a day for 8 weeks, and evaluate its safety and the effect on weight...
Obesity Related Gene Variations

Beck SH

  • J Korean Soc Study Obes.
  • 2004 Dec;13(4):221-229.
Obesity is a multifactorial disease in which various environmental and genetic factors interact. In this review article, 4 obesity related genetic variations are reviewed. PPAR gamma is a nuclear receptor...

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